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Handmade Leather Products

Tshukudu Leather specializes in handmade pieces so please allow for slight variations in shapes and sizes. Also take note that the final product may differ slightly from our product photographs

Infused Coffee

No syrups, sugars, or chemicals are used in our infusion process. Our Brandy, Whiskey and Marula infused coffee beans are handcrafted through a unique barrel infusion process that results in a full-bodied and more aromatic infused coffee.

Orchids | Clear Orchid Pots | Tolumnia and Phalaenopsis Orchids

When you purchase orchids directly from our online store, it saves the trouble of going through various handling processes of reaching the stores, thus they remain in optimal condition. All our Orchids is with now blooms and color's are stated if we know what it is. All our Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are without blooms and we don't know what the colors are, all blooms have been cut off and is not marked.   

Louis Reynders

DELIVERY - Courier 2-3 Days | Delivery Options and Cost 

The Courier Guy R 140  | PUDO Locker to Locker R 60.00


Locally roasted & ethically sourced coffee blends sourced from around the world. We love our unique blends and want you to be able to experience the full flavor of these African & South American beans.

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